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Animal rescue groups – celebrating good work

animal “rescue world” lost?

There are so many people out there doing good things for dogs. I want to make sure to celebrate that.

However, there is a lot of negative energy in the “rescue world,” a lot of arguing.

Certain people think only they know who deserves a dog, how a dog should be obtained and how it should be raised. I can’t be a part of that closed-mindedness.

I believe dogs are better beings than us in a lot of ways. They are open and accepting. They don’t project their feelings and emotions on others. They don’t ask for pity. They don’t need to rescue something in order to feel good about themselves. It is beyond them to make unethical choices.

What I see lately in the rescue world is too much judgement, and I don’t wish to be a part of that. thousands of healthy dogs and cats are killed each day in U.S. shelters, even when plenty of homes are available. Others are warehoused in cages for months.

I will never tell someone she doesn’t deserve a dog.

Rescuing is a lot like religion and politics and media – a few people telling everyone else what to do. everyone fighting for recognition.

I walked away from a career in journalism in ’08. I can’t stand the thought of a few people deciding what the “news” should be, what we should fear today, which politicians we should follow.

One woman tried to insult me last week after reading one of my posts. She was apparently appalled that I dared to criticize rescue groups and said I should stay away from journalism and stick to running. I found it interesting she considers my blog journalism and myself a journalist.

I am a writer, but I am not a journalist. This blog is an extension of myself, fully loaded with opinions and biases. Those who don’t like it shouldn’t read it. very few blogs represent straight news. Mine doesn’t.

Another woman said she never agrees with any of my posts (her wording was less polite). I have to wonder, then, why does she keep reading? What does she gain from it?

I had to smile when yet another woman got on her high horse and told me I continually fail to mention the good things accomplished by her rescue group in Fargo.

How nice it must be for her to think this entire blog is about one tiny rescue group in a small North Dakota city. how nice it must feel to believe all my words are somehow directed to her and the work her group does or doesn’t do.

I am lucky to have 100,000 brand new people view my blog each month in addition to the regular visitors. hardly any are from North Dakota, and they have no idea where I live, work or volunteer. They don’t care. A worldwide audience doesn’t particularly need to know about a small rescue group in Fargo, N.D.

A pal of mine said she felt awful for days after people criticized her for adopting an outdoor working dog. I don’t want my pages to be a source for that type of closed-mindedness. Adopting a working dog is something to celebrate, a reason to be very proud. I know most would agree.

I will continue to look for interesting and useful information and spread the word about people, rescues and shelters doing good things for dogs and cats. I know my readers will do the same.

Thank you for visiting and for feeding my creative spark. Çok şanslıyım.

Thank you for doing all you do for dogs – and for the humans who love them.

What have you done to help others this week?

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