Why Christmas is the best time to get a pet dog

A pet dog is for life, not for Christmas.

Yeah, like you didn’t know that.

Really though, the holidays can be the ideal time to adopt a dog. I sort of flinch when I hear otherwise, that the holidays are the worst time to to get a pup, that puppies must never be given as gifts.

The holidays are not the best time for everyone to get a dog, of course. this time of year is stressful enough already. some of us travel. some of us have all kinds of family checking out (often with their pets!). These are perfectly justifiable reasons not to get a puppy.

But … there is never a “perfect” time to get a dog. The holidays just might be the best time for lots of of us. So what if there are extra decorations and clutter around for a pup to get into. a lot of of us have clutter all the time!

Reasons to get a pet dog over Christmas:

Everyone is home during the holidays to help with pet dog care.

Lots of people take extra time off over the holidays. This will come in helpful when the pup needs to go outside every few hours during potty training.  The kids are also home to help because of Christmas break. and considering that no one has to get up early for school or work, this is a best time for kennel training and conditioning the pet dog to being left alone.

Most of us commit to new goals at the end/start of the year.

This seems like the best time to make a commitment to a new pet dog and to get ecstatic about all the training, exercise and socializing he will need.

The holidays are a kicking back time for lots of families, not chaotic.

Many of us go out of our way to kick back during the holidays. Yaparım. I sit around eating good food, enjoying my new gadgets, going for walks, taking naps or just talking with family. This seems like a pretty good time to add a new pet dog to the mix.

Gifts don’t have to be a surprise.

Obviously it’s a bad idea to run out and get a puppy to surprise your girlfriend for Christmas. It would be much wiser to surprise her with some pet dog supplies and give her some time to think about what kind of puppy she wants.

Or even better, what if the two of you start planning for a pet dog several months in development (like in August). then you could pick out your pet dog together around Christmas as your gift to one another. If you have kids, it’s terrific to involve the entire family in this process.

Even if the pet dog is for your child, it doesn’t have to be a surprise. Take the time to plan ahead for the pet dog and show your child that getting a pet dog is a long-term commitment.

The holidays are all about giving.

How about opening your home and your heart to a homeless pet dog in need? Together, you and your family can give a pet dog the best gift of all – love.

If you are thinking about getting a pet dog this Christmas, let me know! I am very ecstatic for you and even happier for the lucky pet dog who gets to share his life with you!

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